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Milspeed sustainability

Pioneering sustainable footwear components

Milspeed has for over 30 years’ been investing heavily in the research and development of truly environmentally friendly tri-laminate products and the continual improvement of processes through environmental auditing.

Investing in a sustainable future

With continuous and rigorous year on year product development we have taken reprocessed content from 5% up to 100% recycled plastic in certain products, and 50% in most of our sustainable footwear components and films.

Ecologically assured

Our credentials in creating sustainable, carbon friendly shoe components that perform to the highest standards, are redefining what’s possible and providing new commercially viable, ecologically sound options to the industry.

For the next step

Our dedication to improved environmental credentials is why we are leading the way in creating truly sustainable, cost-effective, performance tested materials that add value to our customers’ products.

Milspeed’s ‘Closed Loop Recycling’ process


We collect and recycle our customers’ skeletal waste after cutting components from our sheets and in addition we divert more than 500 tonnes of European post industrial food-grade plastic waste from land fill each year.


The Milspeed patented process begins at Bourton-on-the-Water, where complex formulations are used to reprocess 100% of all waste, combining it with virgin plastics to produce quality controlled recycled pellets.


The recycled plastic granules are blended with virgin granules in various formulations and processed into sheets in our world-leading, tri-laminate extrusion plant.


Through continual environmental auditing and constant development we use low carbon raw materials and processes to produce what we believe to be the most environmentally friendly products on the market.


In addition to collecting the cutting scrap from our customers, all other plastic that we use is only from fully traceable sources and provenance, so that we can be sure to comply with your RSL.