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Reasons to choose Milspeed

Reason #1

Full Traceability of product DNA

Our selective sourcing of raw materials – virgin, European recycled and from our factory scrap take-back programme – allows us full traceability of the content of our products so that we can pass your RSL tests with confidence..

Reason #2

R&D capabilities

From our base in the UK we have established and fully equipped research and development laboratories with highly qualified and experienced technicians.

Reason #3

Vertically Integrated/Production Capabilities

Milspeed is setup for adaptability. Our accommodating and experienced team and vertically integrated production gives us the capability to produce everything from small quantity speciality products to large volume standard products.

Reason #4

Economies and ecologies of scale

We are able to produce equivalent to over 180,000 pairs of components an hour and over 20 million square meters of material per year, with a minimum product cost per unit  and a minimum carbon footprint without compromising on quality

Reason #5

Worldwide reach – local support

Localised reach from our manufacturing base in the U.K. We support all major hubs of footwear production with warehouses in China, Indonesia, India and Vietnam giving fast and reliable service.

Reason #6

A trusted name

With exacting quality controls, SATRA testing, Queens Award, Jacobs environmental auditing and our controlled sourcing of recyclable materials we deliver a product and service that is quality assured, sustainable and cost effective.

Reason #7

Sustainability credentials

More than 30 years’ specialist experience in using reprocessed plastics; pioneering Milspeed patented ‘closed loop recycling’ process and continual environmental auditing has established our unrivaled sustainability credential. Our products are 100% traceable.

Reason #8

An enviable heritage

Milspeed have been supplying the footwear industry for more than a quarter of a century, with highly experienced and collaborative staff with roots going back to the earliest days of extruded boxtoes and counters.

Reason #9

Versatile application

Our sheet materials are widely used and tailorable for multiple applications throughout the apparel industry from footwear to bags, belts, and all forms of clothing.

Reason #10

Sustainable distribution

Giving the World’s major brands the confidence that we produce the environmentally safest, highest quality, European-made products delivered to Asia but with the lowest carbon footprint available

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