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About Milspeed

For 30 years, from our base in the UK we have been producing and exporting superior quality shoe components for the global footwear industry.

As a leading supplier of box toes (toe puffs), counters, shoe reinforcements and counter lining materials to the world’s foremost brands, we have established a reputation for assured quality products, innovation, sustainability and service.

Materially different

We are materially different, not only in the innovative makeup and constituent properties of our components, but in the way we go about everything we do.

We believe in going beyond simply performing to an accepted standard, we invest in and work everyday to advance the footwear components industry. It’s not just about producing quality shoe components, it’s about contributing to safer, superior and more sustainable shoes.

Our commitment to providing  better quality, better serviced, more sustainable products is evident in the calibre of our people, our membership of SATRA, our investment in on-site R&D and our Queens Award. Delivering the most cost effective and carbon friendly products on the market.

We are leading the way in creating truly sustainable, cost-effective, performance tested materials that add value to our customers’ products.

Milspeed’s mission statement

To harness our technical expertise and innovative materials to enhance our customers’ world class products, enabling us to reward the skills and dedication of our workforce and supply chain. Always seeking ways to continue setting the standards in sustainability.

Our vision

  • Partnership: To be more than just a supplier, but a strategic partner you can trust.
  • One World: To care for the environment in every corner of the globe.
  • Investment: Investing in world class talent and the latest in extrusion technology.
  • Presence: A truly global distribution network to assist our customers in their sustainable growth.

Our values

  • Forward looking: to stay ahead of the game.
  • Sustainability: environmental and socially responsible.
  • Integrity: in dealing with our customers, our workforce, our supply chain.
  • Quality assured: to give our customers peace of mind.
  • Innovation: by leading the field in true product creativity.