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Manufacturing excellence

Manufacturing excellence is about more than just our ability to produce a quality extruded product in large quantities at great speed and minimal cost.

Tri-laminate capabilities

Milspeed tri-laminate film machine - Banbury UKOur tri-laminate components incorporate three specially selected layers, each with unique functions and properties, specified to your requirements. There are many basic film and print-on materials available in the market, which tend to be a convenient blend of plastics. These may be simpler to manufacture but cannot replicate the versatility, sustainability and capability of our tri-laminate materials, with each of its layers performing a specific beneficial function.

The Machine

Capable of producing material equivalent to 3,000 pairs per minute – or 20 million square metres of toe puff and counter material per year. The volume and speed of our process provides true economies and ‘ecologies’ of scale, with a minimum product cost per unit (without compromising on quality) and a minimum carbon footprint – ‘in the shoe’ at Less than 1kg CO2e/m2.