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Milspeed shoe components

Over the past 27 years, Milspeed has become a leading supplier of tri-laminate materials used in the manufacture of shoe components, including toe puffs (box toes), counters, reinforcements, counter lining materials and adhesives.

Milspeed toe puff (box toe)Box Toe (Toe Puff)

The boxtoe is a reinforcement in the front of the shoe, between the upper and the lining, designed to maintain the shape of the toe area even in the most demanding conditions.

FEATURES – Our boxtoe (toe puff) materials are resilient, water resistant and can withstand repeated collapsing without losing shape. We have grades to suit all types of footwear and price levels.

View our toe puff (box toe) products.

Milspeed shoe reinforcementReinforcement

Milspeed footwear reinforcement components are most commonly used in the eyelet area, but products are also available for vamp reinforcement and other areas of the shoe.

FEATURES – High resistance to stretching and a high adhesive bond strength.

View our shoe reinforcement products.

Milspeed countersCounter

The shoe counter fits between the shoe upper and lining in the heel area giving structure to the back of the shoe and supporting the ankle.

FEATURES – We have a variety of thermoplastic counter stiffener materials from soft to hard to suit all types and prices of footwear. Easily mouldable and with high shape retention.

View our shoe counter products.

Milspeed counter liningsCounter lining

Counter linings (also known as heel grip linings) are used inside the heel area of the shoe and are designed to prevent the foot slipping in the shoe in walking.

FEATURES – Milspeed shoe counter linings have high abrasion resistance and are available in a range of colours and prices.

View our counter lining products.


In addition to its core range of recycled plastic films, laminates and shoe components, Milspeed supplies adhesives for use in a wide variety of applications in the footwear and apparel industries. Find out more.