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Milspeed footwear adhesives

We provide footwear adhesive products for any part of the shoe which requires a hot melt adhesive glue or film to stick a component into place or to bond various layers together. Variations include thin laminating films, dry granules or touch sensitive adhesives.

Different applications will require different hot melt adhesives to achieve the desired result and must be easy to operate, provide a firm bond and pass vigorous testing to ensure fit for purpose.

Milspeed supply thermoplastic footwear adhesives for a variety of applications:

  • Laminating adhesives bonding multiple delicate linings together, replacing flame bond lamination and liquid adhesive systems.
  • Thermoplastic hot melt adhesives for extrusion coating processes.
  • Touch sensitive footwear adhesives for spray or roller applicators.

Milspeed offer various adhesive coating solutions using in house coating lines providing technically sound and environmentally friendly solutions. Contact us to find out more.